A new Detroit is on the rise, armed with its legendary grit and determination, diversity, and innovative capacity, it has the knowledge assets to forge a better future. Detroit has access to top-notch universities, a dense downtown, a world-class airport, an established infrastructure and deep skill-base in design and engineering. Add to that its pioneering musical history and world-class cultural institutions, the city has the DNA to become a truly great global city. Great cities shape their own narrative, and they create a new narrative for the world. Though Detroit has been the poster-child for urban distress, it’s also been charting a new path back.


The inaugural Create: Detroit, featuring city builders, city leaders, place makers and urbanists from across North America, will focus on how to build a more creative and inclusive city. The program will examine lessons from Miami, San Francisco, Toronto, Queens New York, Las Vegas, Detroit and Endeavor Global.